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3 Facts You May Not Know About Posting A Bail Bond

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If you have never before been in the position where you needed to post a bail bond in order to secure a loved one's release from jail, chances are your knowledge concerning how these bonds work may be a bit limited. In fact, even if you have posted several bonds in the past, there may still be a few facts about bail bonds that you do not know. Continue reading to learn more about three of these lesser-known facts.

Bond Can Often Be Posted Before Arraignment

While some offenses will require your loved one to go before a judge in order for a bail amount to be set, many offenses now come with a standard bond amount that can be posted to secure their release before they are ever even arraigned. In fact, it is often possible for your loved one to avoid seeing the inside of a holding cell altogether if you are able to act quickly in posting their bail bond. 

If you are not quite sure as to whether or not a bond amount has been set for your loved one, contacting a local bail bonds office will often allow you to obtain this information. In order to get this information, be prepared to provide the bondsman with your loved one's full name, date of birth, and what crime they have been charged with.

Many Bonds Offices Are Available 24 Hours A Day

There was a point in time when being arrested late in the day or over the weekend meant that you were inevitably going to spend at least one night in jail while your loved one waited for the bonds office to open. This is no longer the case. Nowadays, many bonds offices are open 24 hours a day, which means you can easily work with them regardless of what time of day or night the arrest takes place.

Posting Bond May Not Be Enough To Secure Release

While posting a bail bond will be all it takes to secure most people's release after being arrested, this is not the case for every offender. Even if a bond amount is set and paid, certain offenders will still be prohibited from being released if they have a hold on them. For instance, individuals who are in violation of their probation or parole as a result of their latest arrest may be prohibited from being released until the hold is cleared by their probation or parole officer. Individuals who have arrest warrants from other jurisdictions may also be held even after a bond has been posted if the other jurisdiction wishes to proceed with extradition.

If any of these circumstances apply to the individual you plan on posting bond for, you may wish to verify that they will in fact be released prior to actually obtaining a bail bond. That's important as you will not be able to recover your investment simply because the individual was not eligible for release due to an additional hold. For more information, contact a bail bonds service.


5 October 2021