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2 Things To Do Before Leaving Your Home To Visit A Bail Bonds Agent For Your Arrested Loved One

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After receiving an unexpected call from a loved one, you may have discovered that they were arrested and are calling you from jail. After speaking with them, you may have agreed to post the bail amount so that they can be released.

Especially if this is your first time posting bail for someone, however, you may not be quite certain as to what you need to bring with you when you visit the bail bonds agent. If so, there are a couple of things that you need to do before you leave your home.

1.  Contact the Authorities to Gather Information about Your Loved One's Arrest

The first thing that should do after getting off the phone with your loved one is to call the authorities who are holding them. This could be the sheriff's office, the police station, or a local jail facility, depending on how long ago they were arrested and how quickly they were processed. Your loved one can let you know where they are and who to contact.

Once you contact the station or facility, you need to tell them that you are planning to post bail and give them the name of your loved one. They can then give you the bail amount, their prisoner identification number, and the offense for which they were arrested. The bonds agent will use this information to make sure the bail is posted for the correct person.

2.  Gather Documentation You Will Need for the Bail's Collateral 

After you have the information about your loved one and their arrest, another thing you should do is to decide what you will be putting up as collateral for the bail. Since the bail money from the bonds agent is a loan that is contingent on your loved one's cooperation until the trial, you will need to have something to put up against the amount.

The type of collateral you will need will depend on the amount of bail requested by the judge. For smaller amounts, you can use the title of your vehicle. For larger bail amounts, however, you may need to bring the deed of your home with you. 

Taking a few moments to gather all of the information you need as well as any required documentation can help you be prepared when you go to visit the bonds agent. This can help the process of bailing your loved one out of jail go smoother and faster. Another thing you should do before you leave your home is to contact the bail bonds service to see if they have any other specific requirements for posting bail.

To learn more, contact a bail bonds company.


22 March 2021