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3 Reasons You Should Collect Byzantine Coins

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When people start collecting coins, they usually go for the popular ones, such as the Canadian maple leaf or the Saint-Gaudens double eagles. But there's literally a whole world of coins out there that are much more interesting to acquire, including ones from the Byzantine era. Here are three reasons you should add them to your collection.

1. It's Educational

Although the western part of the Roman Empire collapsed in the 5th century AD, it's eastern half—known as the Byzantine Empire—continued to live on up until it was conquered by the Ottoman Empire in 1453. While you can, and should, read all about the Byzantines, the money they produced and used during that time period can offer interesting insights into the people and culture.

During that time period, the Byzantines minted two types of coins: the gold solidus and a number of bronze coins. As it is done today, these coins were printed with imagery that was meaningful and important to the population, and you can explore how the people's values shifted over the years just by examining how the money changed.

For instance, early Byzantine coins had the face of the current ruler Emperor on them as well as some Christian symbolism, such as the cross. However, by the 10th century, the emperor's face was completely replaced by that of Jesus and "Christ, Emperor of Emperors" was inscribed on the back. Collecting Byzantine coins is a great way to not only learn about some of the history of the Roman Empire but to also own a part of it that you can pass down to future generations.

2. It's Affordable

Many people avoid collecting ancient currency because they think it'll be too expensive. That's understandable. Generally, the older and rarer something is, the more value it has, especially when it's connected to a civilization that doesn't really exist anymore.

However, Byzantine coins can be purchased at very affordable prices. In fact, there are some you can buy for less than $100. The small price tag lets you explore what's available without having to lay down a large wad of cash just to get your first coin. It also makes it easier for kids to start their own collections, making it a hobby.

There are some Byzantine coins that come with hefty price tags due to their quality and rarity. These are great to invest in when you want to take your collection to the next level and get pieces you want to show off. Just be sure to also buy protective gear for your high-end Byzantine coins to keep them in mint condition.

3. It's Relaxing

Unlike woodworking or exercising, coin collecting is a quiet hobby idea for people who prefer solitude. Spending time cleaning the coins and arranging them in books, researching the history, and even just looking through the collection can be an oasis of calm in an otherwise busy and frazzled life.

At the same time, though, coin collecting can help you meet other people with similar interests. Socializing is integral to good mental health, and spending a few hours talking about your Byzantine coins and their historical significance with other collectors can alleviate depression and stave off other similar ills. Even if you can't locate other people in your area who collects Byzantine coins, you can usually find a community of collectors online. Look up forums, social media accounts, and blogs of likeminded individuals you can connect with over your mutual love of coin collecting.

This is just a quick look at coin collecting. For more information about Byzantine coins or to start your collection, contact a local seller.


28 September 2020