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Unforeseen Reasons You Could Be Denied Bail For A Misdemeanour Crime

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If you've been arrested on a misdemeanour charge, one of the first steps is contacting a bail bonds service to be released from jail. Since most individuals accused of misdemeanour charges are granted bail, your biggest concern at the bail bond hearing is how much the bail will be. But what you did not prepare for is the judge denying you bail.

Following are some unexpected reasons a judge could deny you bail.

Committed Many Misdemeanour Crimes

The general practice of courts is to grant bail for misdemeanor crimes, If you've committed a violent felony crime such as assault with a weapon, on the other hand, the judge is likely to deny you bail. When judges consider bail bonds, they will take into account whether or not you will pose a harm to the community.

For misdemeanors, court precedent has been soft on perpetrators. Public safety concerns and probation have been deemed insufficient justification to hold an individual. If you've committed a litany of misdemeanors, however, the judge may decide the buck stops here, and refuse you bail.

Using a Mobile Phone — In the Wrong Place

If you're arrested, you have a right to one phone call. But if you bring your mobile phone into prison to make phone calls, you could be denied bail. In some states, having a cellphone in prison is a felony that could put you behind bars for more than 10 years. In another case, a misdemeanor criminal had his granted bail revoked when he refused to give the police the passcode for his mobile phone.

High Flight Risk as Foreigner

If you've jumped a bail bond in the past, you will have a harder time convincing a judge to trust that you will show up for court. The penalty for the crime will also be considered. For example, if you face life in prison or the death penalty for murder, your flight risk is high.

If you've never committed a crime, you may take bail for granted. However, if you're a foreigner, the judge can refuse you bail. The risk that you will leave the country and not return is very high. In this case, a confiscated passport may not be enough insurance against flight risk.

The likelihood of a judge denying bail increases with crime severity. But if you've failed to respect bail conditions in the past, even if your crime is a misdemeanor, you could be stuck in jail until your court date.


15 July 2020