Decreasing My Monthly Bills

Although I’m not a spendthrift, I feel as if I never have enough money in my bank account. Because I’m setting aside cash in order to buy a new home, I’m always searching for ways to decrease my monthly expenses. Fortunately, through my research, I’ve found some great, simple tips that provide substantial savings over time. For instance, I turn off my HVAC unit whenever I’m traveling. I also conserve gasoline by running all of my errands for the week on the same day. On this blog, I hope you will discover some easy, painless ways to lower your regular monthly bills. Enjoy!

How To Grade A Large Coin Collection

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One of the greatest challenges of appraising coins is determining what you have. The larger the collection, the more unwieldy it will become to evaluate each individual coin. However, there are some techniques that can be used to manage the process.

Identify Problem Coins

Look throughout the coins and sort them based on which coins could be considered problem coins. You can quickly look over the coins to determine which ones will not be worth as much due to aesthetic problems or signs of damage. Coins that contain holes or that are bent are worth less. You will still want to appraise all of the coins, but it is easier to appraise when the coins are separated by quality.

Get A book On Coin Appraisal

There are books that make the process of appraising a coin much easier. They contain information that is necessary to evaluate a coin's value. However, the best books are those that come with colored pictures so you can more efficiently identify a specific coin.

Use Archive-Worthy Storage Products

To keep your coins organized and to store them, you will want to use archive-worthy storage products. These include albums, folders and presentation cases. Coin folders are handy because they come with individual dated slots, making it easier to find specific coins. There are some coin folders that have a slot for every type of coin ever minted. Another option is to store similar coins in coin tubes. To ensure that the coins do not degrade as a result of the acid, always use materials that are acid-free.

Collect Coins You Are Interested In

Learn as much as you can about your coins and try to collect coins that you would be interested in. For example, if there is a particular time period you love, collect coins from this time period. Doing so will  make you more likely to pay close attention to the coins and stay informed about how valuable they are.

Find A Great Coin Dealer

To expedite the process of having your coins appraised, you should have your coins taken to an experienced coin appraiser for coin grading. He or she will be able to appraise your coins much more quickly and you will not have to take the time out of your day to do it yourself. Great coin dealers have the equipment necessary to identify fake coins and are also well-known and respected by other coin dealers.


23 April 2016